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Prabh Aasra

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Prabh Aasra started on December 2003 primarily as a home and rehabilitation center for Orphans, unclaimed infants, mentally/physically disabled adults, persons in distress, widows, senior citizens, and poor people.

Over the years as people became aware of Prabh Aasra and what it does they started referring patients who were lost on the street or they found them in their neighbourhoods. Many times orphans and infants are left at the doorstep of Prabh Aasra. Over 800 people have been rehabilitated and reunited with their families over the years. Apart from taking care of the residents Prabh Aasra also provides permanent shelter to unclaimed and destitute. With the help of Psychiatrists, psychologists, nursing staff and various assistants – treatment for mentally / physically challenged inhabitants is also provided. Every patient has a different need and appropriate care is provided depending on the requirement. Schooling is also arranged for the inhabitant children and proper care is provided to helpless widows and senior citizens.

Prabh Aasra does not receive any funding from the government and runs entirely on funds donated by volunteers. Sahaita Sanstha is the major contributor for Prabh Aasra.

Sahaita sponsors the salaries of Psychiatrists, psychologists, nursing staff and various assistants. Toronto chapter of Sahaita has sponsored the Ambulance for Prabh Aasra and that helps in providing timely care for residents. Sahaita also sponsors the living expenses and schooling of all the kids who are at Prabh Aasra.

We encourage all Sahaita supporters to visit Prabh Aasra and see how their contributions are put to use.

Destitutes that arrive are in such bad mental and physical state sometimes they are unable to remember who they are and where they are from. Once patients start to make progress from psychiatric therapy and other treatments they start slowly recalling information about themselves and their hometowns. Using those clues Sewadars start their search efforts using the internet and the help of local agencies to locate their homes and families. When the patient is rehabilitated they are handed over to their families. Prabh Asra has hundreds of success stories of families that have been reunited some even after 20 years. And for some…Prabh Aasra will be the only family and home they will ever know of. Some never end up remembering and in worst cases some families once contacted refuse to take their own family members back…. abandoning their very own children, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers. Prabh Aasra gives them the environment where they are safe, loved, and respected.

Sandy Grewal, Sahaita Volunteer

Prabh Aasra Cause Summary

Project Started 2003
Institute Type Shelter
Location Prabhu Asraa Trust, National Highway 3, Padiala, Punjab 140103, India
(On Kharar-Kurali Highway Prabh Aasra is located 7 Km from Kharar & 3 Km from Kurali in village Padiala)
Contact Number
Partnership In Partnership with Universal Disabled Care Taker Social Welfare Society
Accommodation Yes, on-site; All Expenses included
General Support Facility Management, Facility Upgrades, Recreational


Interview of Prabh Aasra project founder Sr. Shamsher Singh


Overview of Prabh Aasra