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Volunteers - How You can Help

Volunteers are critical to the mission and growth of Sahaita - Foundation for Poor. Much of our success is because of the contributions of our volunteers. Volunteers have been core to our values and philosophy of our initiatives. The initiatives rely on teams of dedicated volunteers to carry out much of their work in USA, India, Canada and other countries around the world.

We seek professionals with an expertise in business, medical field, sales/marketing, monitoring and evaluation of programs, quantitative analysis, computer programming, and more. Below are some of the areas where we need immediate help:

  • Fundraising Assistance- New Donors/Sponsors/Grant Search Campaigns
  • Fundraising Assistance - Publicity, In-Person Community Outreach Campaigns
  • Fundraising Assistance - Media Marketing and PR Services
  • Event Day Assistance - Stage Performance, Speaker, Appearance & Management
  • Event Day Assistance - General Event Setup Help
  • Event Day Assistance - General "May I Help You" type Services
  • Health Clinic - General Assistance, USA
  • Health Camp - General Assistance, India
  • Member Services - Donor Support (Phone, Email etc)
  • Member Services - Volunteer Support (Coordination, Training etc)
  • General Assistance

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Find out how you can help. Please register today by following three easy steps

  1. Sahaita Online User Account: If you are new to our webiste, first create your user name and password by following this link to our user registration page

  2. Sahaita Volunteer Registration Option: Next, please click on "My Account" in the top Menu, and then click on "View Contact Record". This will prompt a new "Account Summary" screen, please choose "Edit Option". Follow "Sahaita Volunteer Registration Option" to complete your registration; Under "Tags" option, select "Volunteer".
  3. Save and Verify your profile: Select "Save". Please make sure that all the details are filled in, below is a sample for your reference.

Register Today

For addition help, please email: Sahaita@gmail.com

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