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Children Care Facilities

Bal Bhawan in Ludhiana

We support "100 Little Helpless Lives", We Extend "Love, Care, Education and Training for a better Future", 24-hour, Every Day.

The Services We Provide

Is a facility that contains two schools and a residential complex for the children. The residential complex houses children, who are physically and developmentally challenged, abandoned and of parents who are themselves disabled.

  • Project Started: 2005
  • Institute Type: Underprivileged Children Care Hostel and School
  • Location: Ludhiana, India.
  • Partnership: In Partnership with Red Cross
  • Number: 96+ , Various age groups requiring basic health support.
  • Children Type: Requiring assisted living and support
    1. Deaf and Mute (16)
    2. Orphans
    3. Mentally Challenged Physically disabled
  • Accommodation: Yes, on-site; All Expenses included
  • Education: Yes, on-site; All Expenses included
  • Food: Yes, Daily Meals year around; All Expenses included
  • Health Support: Yes, children's have special needs
  • Special Programs: Vocational Training, College Preparation
  • General Support: Facility Management, Facility Upgrades, Recreational

Our Future Plans

  1. To continue and support Bal Bhawan as long as the local Red cross organization allows us to maintain control with the clear understanding that our only goal is the welfare and meeting the needs of all the children within the facility. 
  2. Teach and provide the children the necessary educational tools so that they can better themselves and support the day to day needs of the facility. 
  3. Upgrade the school and provide the necessary facility space for lab and equipment with Computer and labs in order to be able to support higher education plans.
  4. Children who show the potential and interest in particular areas will be provided the opportunity and necessary tools in order to be able to excel in their chosen areas.
  5. Continue to support Vocational training so that the children have the opportunity to learn other trades which will help them to become self sufficient and support themselves in life.
  6. Future upgrade and equipment needs will be supported. The main goal is that the children have the opportunity to receive similar levels of education and rewards as other schools within the community at large. 
  7. Continue to support the dance, gymnastics and music workshops
  8. Sahaita USA and Canada Teams – Special Bi-annual and annual trips by the US and Canada team members will continue. The main goal of these trips is not only to visit, but spend quality time with the children in order to gain a better understanding of the work sahaita is doing, and at the same acquire the experience as towhat these visits mean to the children. 

How you can help Sahaita

  1. You can help us by sponsoring a child
  2. You can also help us by donating funds for all the different the activities Sahaita provides for these kids.
  3. You can do a great thing that whenever you visit Punjab make time and visit these children because these visits bring lot of happiness and encouragement to these children. They see that there are people who care about them.
  4. You can donate funds for the Computer and science labs and for the ongoing facility upgrade and maintenance activities

How we started this Project

This Project became the lightening rod for Sahaita after reading an article in Tribune in March 2005 describing the dire situation of an 80+ year old woman trying to take care of 60+ children.

Previously, this was a sole Red Cross institution, and due to other priorities and lack of funds this facility was being neglected. The whole facility infra-structure was in need of repair due to the fact that there was only a single care taker responsible for its upkeep. Bal Bhawan’s campus had two schools; one was for the children mentally challenged and other a Government school for normally active Children. Education level was sub-standard and majority of children were not successful in passing their classes. The serving of the meals was dependent on the availability of donors and food.

Project Benefits

Sahaita took over the Bal Bhawan facility with the understanding and goal to provide all these children with a better future and to live a life of dignity and knowing that someone cared and they were wanted. These children had already suffered a great deal in life, and continuous suffering may sometimes become a drastic step in life where they lose trust and respect for society as a whole.

Sahaita India conducted an overall review of the Bal Bhawan facility and discovered the need for renovation and structure support in order to make it a better and safer living place for the children. After the overall facility review, the Sahaita Indian team made a list of the items that required immediate attention and those that could be delayed until a later time. The list of items and associated budget requirements were submitted to Sahaita Inc. After the budget review and discussion, the board understood the importance of allocating the required budget in order to support the needs of these children. The board was fully aware of the fact that they hand in their hands a great the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the Bal Bhawan children by building self confidence and self worth through education. In addition, the parents of these children will have a greater confidence that their children were getting the level of care they required. Given that the Bal Bhawan children came from different family situations, diverse cultures, and the environment they found themselves in resulted in behavioral issues that required addressing.

Key Sahaita Accomplishments

Funding and Accomplishments to Date:

  1. Library and Media Room - Created a separate library and media room with its own study desks and chairs, and a television and a DVD player for children’s entertainment. In addition for the developmentally challenged school, a television and DVD player with corresponding educational program CDs.   
  2. Storage Rooms - Provided storage rooms fitted with custom cupboards so that the children have their own space to place their belongings.
  3. Playground Lawn and Gates – Added a new lawn for the children play ground and for the beautification of the surroundings of the Bal Bhawan, and in addition, installed two separate security gates for children’s safety.
  4. Caretaker – Funded an additional caretaker for sweeping, lawn and landscape maintenance.
  5. Facility Improvements and Maintenance – Built new bathrooms, increased the height of the facility walls (including glass and barbed wire) and continue to fund and support on-going facility improvements and maintenance activities 
  6. Sponsor a Child Program – This program continues to support the education of Bal Bhawan children even after they leave Bal Bhawan due to age limitation upon receiving approval from their parents.  
  7. Sahaita Redcross Model School - This facility is privately run by Sahaita and employs highly educated teachers who are very devoted to the studies and helping these children. The school exam results for the past two years speak for themselves, showing that the level of education these children are receiving and the 100% passing rate is equivalent or better than the other schools.  In addition, Sahaita is providing the funding to provide the students evening coaching classes in order for them to be able to better utilize their time and in turn increase their level of education. Currently, 7 children are going to high school utilizing Sahaita’s  funds and support.
  8. Sahaita’s School for the Developmentally Disabled – This School is focused on providing the facilities, education and supporting the associated activities for the developmentally disabled children and with hearing problems. This school also supports the education of surrounding communities for children with development and hearing disabilities.
  9. Extra Curricular Activities – In order to address the variety of talents these children possess, a part time music teacher was hired to train the children. In addition, dance workshops, Gymnastic classes and other vocational training programs were instituted in order to add variety in learning and address the many interests of the children. It is exciting  to report that only after a year of introducing the children to gymnastics that they were able to achieve a runner-up status in Punjab’s gymnastics competition held in Khanna City. 
  10. Healthcare and Wellness – Sahaita provides funding to support not only the daily needs but also the healthcare (medical, dental, and psychological) and wellness for all the children within the two Bal Bhawan schools. Additional funding and on-going needed support is provided by donors that are located in local surrounding areas to the facility. 
  11. Holiday and Birthday Celebrations – Every month the Bal Bhawan facility holds special events that include both different festival celebrations, magic shows (conducted by caretaker’s husband whose mother was a previous caretaker of this facility), birthday parties for those children whose birthday fall within that particular month. These celebrations include music, dance and just overall fun for all the children. Sahaita India team, local Red cross and Lions club join us in these efforts and make these children feel that they are special.  

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