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Sahaita Scholarships

Sahaita Scholarship

Every year Sahaita offers 26 scholarships of total $35,000 to outstanding students going to Junior college or University in the US. The criteria we will use for allocating scholarships will be: Financial Need, University/College GPA ( if applicable), SAT Score, High School GPA, Extracurricular Activities, Community Service, and Essays submitted.


This scholarship is open to all Junior and Senior high school students planning to attend Junior college or University; as well as current college and university students in the US.


These scholarships are available with the amount to be used exclusively for education expenses, including tuition, room & board or books.

How to Apply

Download & complete this entire application.
Mail your completed application together with the recommendation form to:

Sahaita Scholarship
3781 Monte Sereno
Fremont, CA 94539